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Veterans Mental Health

Rethink Veterans Mental Health at Elemental Wellness & Counseling.

It is not uncommon to attempt to put the past behind you by trying to simply forget it and move on. It is seen as the “manly” thing to do, and most veterans feel a responsibility to their families always be the strong one in the group. You should know though, that past trauma can come back in a variety of physical and mental ways that can make your daily living and your relationship with those you love more difficult than it needs to be. Integrative mental health can help you move on in a healthy way dealing with stressors, triggers, and PTSD in a whole new way. Rethink veterans mental health with a mental health professional who has been there. I offer a complimentary 20-minute session so you can meet me before you commit.
Therapy sessions at Elemental Wellness & Counseling may not feel like therapy at all. Have you heard of Taiji Fit for Veterans? It is a way to use your body and mind in a new way to learn to manage your stress response to certain situations in a whole new way. It is okay if you are having trouble integrating back into your life after returning home, you will not receive an ounce of judgment here. But it is time to start rebuilding your relationships and reducing the stress response your body has so you can actually enjoy life again. You deserve it, your family deserves you, and it is about time. Call today.

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