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Vegan Mental Health

Do You Need a Santa Monica Therapist Who Supports Vegan Mental Health?

According to an article in Psychology Today, studies have shown a connection between veganism and increased depression. The exact reasons are theorized. But the connection cannot be denied, statistically. At Elemental Wellness & Counseling you will find support for vegan mental health from a Santa Monica Therapist who practices veganism himself. A good therapist does not have to have the same values and mindset as their patient to understand their problems and to provide valuable feedback to facilitate growth and healing. However, when it comes to veganism sometimes talking to someone who is on the same path can help as we navigate a world where most people do not see the issue with the same mindset.
People who choose to fully cut out animal products do so for reasons that vary from ethics, health, and environmental. Many choose the way of life for a variety of reasons and promptings. If you are a vegan and find the way of life isolating, have anxiety concerning your food, are dealing with depression, or just want support in general concerning your diet or any other aspect of life contact us today to schedule your first appointment. I treat patients from all around California in office and through secure online sessions for vegan mental health awareness and support.
Sessions for vegans may focus on how you are integrating the way of eating into your life, your inner dialog daily, how you communicate with non-vegans during meals, and support for your goals. Or your sessions may focus on other aspects once you no longer need the support for that particular lifestyle choice. You may be surprised at how much talking to a supportive professional helps when it comes to achieving your physical, mental, and spiritual goals.

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