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Couples Therapy

Learn How Much Your Relationship Can Grow With Couples Therapy.

Attending couples therapy is not an indicator of a problem or weakness in your relationship it is an indicator that you care enough about it to put work into it. If you put work into something in life, and both parties participate, it will improve and turn into something you can take pride in. The understanding that it is okay if a relationship takes daily work and commitment to last is the secret that many happy long-term couples share. Sometimes people get the idea that things must always be roses and wine, so to speak, or it is not actually love. Shed your fairy tale idea of love and replace it with something better. The truth is love is not always pretty, but it always shows up.
If you are in a LGBTQ relationship you already know that while your relationship and feelings are just like anyone else in love or even lust, you have an additional layer of stress from countless societal factors. If the terms LGBTQ+ Mental Health have been searched for in your internet history, call for an appointment. You will find a place where you are welcome as a single person and where you can come as a couple to work through any relationship issues you may have in a healthy way that places no blame on a particular person but helps both of you heal and grow closer, or even part ways if that is what is best for you.
Elemental Wellness & Counseling offers couples therapy to couples across the state of California, in office and remotely. If you want to commit to solving the problems in your relationship to build a stronger foundation for the future then call and schedule a consultation or first appointment.

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